Behind the Scenes

I'm Elle, an East Coast native currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was born and raised on the northeast coast of Florida, where I frequently freelanced to offset my studies. I've since struck gold out west where I've been lucky to have worked with companies and individuals to better brands, refine marketing, and further experiences.

I hold design close to the chest, I find it leaking into all aspects of my life in little ways that feel like home. In judging books by their covers and openly addressing terrible kerning, writing notes in sketches and keeping all of my favorite things knolled.

I've always had a deep connection with music. I frequent both Spotify and Soundcloud (R.I.P. Rdio) and always show love for my favorite tracks. I'm also a shameless songbird, well-versed in lyrical content, and never one to pass up the opportunity to bust a move, especially if we're talking Beyoncé.

Constantly cultivating and refining my technique, I keep close tabs on the design community and am constantly learning. With roots in graphic design that date back to school projects, an interest in typography has carried on through the years and I often find myself drawing inspiration from the simple elements of characters.

Harboring a grand sense of curiosity, I'm a big fan of conversation and collaboration. I've acquired an unnatural taste for iced coffee during every season and am not usually one to pass up a connection. Feel free to drop me a line, I'd love to chat.

Elle Tolman

Elle Tolman

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